Meet the team:

Pilar Riaño Alcalá

Researcher (PhD)

She is a professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and was a researcher with the Historical Memory Group of Colombia. She is an advisor to the National Museum of Historical Memory. Pilar is the author of Dwellers of Memory. Youth and Violence in Medellin (Transaction Publishers, 2006), rapporteur of The massacre of Bahía Portete: Wayuu Women in the Sight (Taurus, 2010) and of Emplaced Witnessing. Commemoration among the Wayuu. Memory Studies, 2015

Weildler Guerra Curvelo


He is an anthropologist and PhD candidate at the Universidad de los Andes of Colombia, Anthropology Department. His scholarship is centered on Caribbean studies, maritime anthropology and cultural history of the sea and the Wayuu culture. He currently serves as Governor in charge of the department of La Guajira.

María Luisa
Moreno Rodríguez


She is a political scientist with eight years experience in historical memory reconstruction of the armed conflict in Colombia. She is currently completing a master's degree in Human Geography at the University of Los Andes and coordinates the research project, “Cartographies of the Horror” at the National Center for Historical Memory.

Jesús Abad Colorado


He is a social communicator and journalist of the University of Antioquia. He has been one of the main photographers to document the armed conflict in Colombia. His work is the result of an effort to record not only the suffering of the affected communities but also their resistance and initiatives to face the war. His work contemplates, among other things, the wounds of war in nature and in turn the diversity that it represents.

Jorge Mario Múnera


His work has focused on humanistic and editorial photography, making a wide range of photographic documentaries and books on various aspects of Colombian society and its cultural and environmental heritage. For thirty years he recorded the daily life of the Wayuu community and their relations with life and death.

Sandra Patricia
Rengifo López

Graphic web designer

Graphic designer with more than six years of experience in the editorial and digital field. She is a graduate from Los Libertadores University Foundation, where she worked in the editorial production of research publications, and in the last years she has been focusing on digital design and communication and website development. She worked for five years at the National Center for Historical Memory (Colombia) as assistant to the Digital Literacies project and leading Historical Memory Initiatives. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Arts and Design at UNAM,Mexico.

Diego Pérez Medina


Editor with more than seven years of experience in books and academic and commercial magazines. He has worked with several renowned universities in the country such as the National University of Colombia, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad del Rosario, Universidad Piloto de Colombia, among other institutions. He graduated as a professional in Literary Studies from the National University of Colombia.

Dean Brown


Resident in the farthest periphery of the Latin American collective imagination, but a lover of it.

The research for this work was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, project “The workings of memory in contexts of crisis. A repertoire of memory initiatives”.